Affirmations from the JSHealth Team

Your relationship with yourself is the most important one you’ll ever have. ⁠

The way we speak to ourselves matters… it shapes our truth, how we interact with others and our perception of the world. ⁠

Today, I’m sharing my team at the JSHealth HQ and I’s favourite affirmations to help inspire you to nurture positive dialogue with yourself. Show yourself kindness, love and respect, always. ⁠

Remember, the words you speak to yourself are powerful. Choose them with care! 

Love always, 

Jess x 


“Re-thinking how we approach something in order to preserve our own mental health isn’t quitting or failure… it’s survival, it’s resiliency and it’s necessary. – Jess, Founder

“Even on my worst days, I am enough.” Vic, Head of JSHealth Content 

“What is meant for me won’t pass me by.” – Lolita, Head of Copy & Editorial

“Small progress is still progress.”Brooke, Executive Assistant 

“You’re allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.” Christine, Copywriter

“Every day is a new day.” – Jenna, Head of Retail 

“I am deserving of love, respect and healthy relationships.” – Alecia, Head of HR

“I deserve love and light

My soul shines bright

I project love and light

Things will turn out alright

I receive love and light

I’m filled with energy, power and might” Cian, Customer Care 

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