6 Classic JSHealth One Pan Recipes

When you get back from a busy day and need a healthy, delicious meal in a flash, I swear by ‘one-pan’ recipes. 

These nourishing dishes have become some of my signature recipes for a reason. They are super simple and, as the name suggests, they only require one pan – throw everything into the pan, cook either in the oven or on the stovetop, and come back to dinner ready to serve. I love these so much that I’m sharing with you 6 of my staple one-pan recipes. 

  1. One Pan Prawn Paella: Dive into gluten-free Spanish cuisine without the fuss. Succulent prawns, smoky undertones of paprika and a vibrant blend of aromatic spices dance together in harmony for a nourishing fiesta.
  2. One Pan Mediterranean Barramundi: Tender flaky barramundi, kissed by Mediterranean herbs and nestled among a medley of sun-drenched veggies, is an effortless coastal escape on your plate.
  3. One Pan Mexican Rice: One pan transforms simple rice into a zesty fiesta, loaded with beans, paprika and all the flavours that make Mexican cuisine irresistible.
  4. One Pan Creamy Salmon Risoni: Creamy, dreamy comfort food minus the cleanup. Silky salmon and tender risoni pasta simmer in a luxurious cream cheese sauce… divine!
  5. One Pan Halloumi & Mediterranean Veggies: Marry the salty, squeaky delight of halloumi cheese with an array of Mediterranean veggies. It’s a symphony of flavours, textures and that satisfying sizzle. I love to pair this with wholemeal pita bread!
  6. One Pan Lemon & Herb Chicken: Savour the citrusy zest of lemon and the savoury charm of herb-infused chicken in one (pan!) perfect harmony. 

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